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“We are long time fans of the Moody Blues and we have written a book that examines and brings to light the music and message of this great band of poets and musicians.  We would like to ask your thoughts on your experiences with the Moody Blues, their music, their lyrics, their poetry, and how they have affected you.  Of course, wed love to have you get our book and let us know how it affects you and your perception of the Moodies.

Here’s a little on what our book is about and what we are trying to accomplish:

In this book these two best-selling authors show us:

• How they are unique among bands and music groups
• What critics and others have said
• The nature of their musical magic and message
• How the Moodies’ words and music work, song by song
• Using 7 levels of listening to their music
• Why listening to their music raises our consciousness
• How their fans have listened consistently for so long
• Why they have excelled for nearly five decades

The Whitfields are Best-Selling Authors of Spiritual Awakenings and Healing The Child Within and many other books



24 responses

  1. I ordered the book as soon as it came out and it is an amazing insight into why we continue to love the Moody Blues and how their music and the lyrics of their songs help us, change us, and sustain us.

  2. I was introduced to this book and the Whitfields on the Moody Blues Cruise. I returned to my cabin and gobbled up this book like a starving dog! In fact, I had to read it twice to appreciate the insight they have into meanings and messages within the music, lyrics and poetry of the Moody Blues. As a compassionate fan of the Moodies since 1969, I was hopeful that someday, somehow, someone would find “the Lost Chord”!

    • Hello again David.

      I was lucky on the cruise last week to have been standing by the Moodies’ gear table when you were so that I could give you our book . Your summary and feedback could only have been written by an experienced and savvy fan who knows and listens to their words and music with such an evolved awareness as you have.

      Many Thanks, Charles Whitfield

  3. I have listened to the Moody Blues since 1967 my older brother introduced them to me at age 12 he taught me to meditate to In Search of the Lost Chord, saying that the world will not quiet down for you just because you want to meditate you have to quiet your mind. Since then I have helped many people with this form of meditation with the same music. I went on to introduce them to my Grade 9 typing class teacher the class would not sit still so I asked if I could bring in the Moody Blues albums I had, at that time I had 2-3 maybe more. He fell in love with them and when we put them on the whole energy in the class changed the kids settled down and typed and no one talked or got up to go the washroom. He was amazed I knew it would work I did a typing essay on the Moody Blues it was just for typing but I made it about their music and the deep spiritual meanings in the songs that I felt were in the songs.
    Later in my life I had the songs typed out in the days before Internet and I used them for my students to teach them about the spiritual side of this group. The songs are and have been a life boat for many people including me and each time I use them for my teaching aids my students love them. I cant say enough about how it changed my life learning to meditate with them on in the background. I bought every album I could get my hands on in Canada I know I don’t have the whole collection but I have most and its fabulous! Thanks guys!

    • Hello Janet. Kind of like you, I listened to the Moody Blues when I was very young and I attached a certain significance to their music, lyrics and spoken-word poetry. Their music seemed very different than the pop mainstream of its day and it sort of took my mind off of problems and stirred vivid images in my mind’s eye and created profound feelings. But I could never put into words what that was like until a couple of days ago while I was reading this book. The Whitfields say (in the chapter called “Their Sound”), “…Some 500 years before christ, the mathematician, scientist and mystic Pythagoras and his fellow Greeks called music the *sonic manifestation of cosmic order.* We and many fans may see and hear The Moody Blues’ music in this light.”
      I think they nailed it! Sounds heavy, but that’s the effect I’ve been trying to describe –but lacked the words. It’s also cool to hear that there are others out there who experience their music that way. Can I get an Amen? Does anyone else hear or experience their music in some deeper way? Come on. Don’t be shy; it’s only the Internet ! 🙂 EG

  4. Have been a fan of the Moody Blues since “Go Now”. Absolutely lived with their albums and tapes in the 60’s and 70’s. The MBlues helped me to see parts of the inner world that I knew were there but had difficulty in seeing until I found their music. Their melodies and lyrics express an energy and vision that comes from a level of consciousness far beyond what the world understands or recognizes. Fans however, sense and know that the Moody Blues experience is timeless and eternal. Man… I love these guys…. to have had their music in my heart all these years is truly one of my greatest gifts.

  5. You may have discovered this already yourself, but the MoodiesBook inspired me to delve into some of the songs to “see what I may find there”.

    Lyrics: Eternity Road, TOCCC
    Hark! listen, here he comes, repeat
    Turning, spinning, catherine wheeling forever changing
    There’s no beginning
    Speeding through a charcoal sky
    Observe the truth we cannot lie.

    Message: Behold a Higher Power, like a tornado churning through our lives and forever changing it for the better. Listen for the divine Truth and don’t deny it when you experience it.( “The power of 10 billion butterfly sneezes” earlier in the album). Step 2 in most 12-Step programs “Came to believe in a power greater than ourselves that could restore us to sanity” or perhaps Truth!
    Traveling eternity road
    What will you find there?
    Carrying your heavy load
    Searching to find a peace of mind.

    Very existentialist. We don’t know what God has in store for us except for us to travel on a divinely directed path and we are responsible for listening for that direction.

    Youll see us all around, repeat
    Turning, spinning catherine wheeling
    forever changing
    There’s no begnning
    You’re so very far from home
    and so very much alone

    God is omnipresent and omnipotent, the Alpha & Omega forever changing us according to God’s plan. When we are off the eternal road we will find us far from the source of our existence and feel very much alone.

    I’m probably not finished with this one

  6. “You address personal healing. Main message: Live in the Now experiencing/giving unconditional Love.

    Every time I listen to them, I hear something new, or the something old suddenly changes it’s meaning. Also – newer research suggests that music (good music) releases endorphins into your brain creating a mild euphoria –another good reason to listen. I have never used a drug to enhance the experience; the music did it for me. I am a trauma survivor, and used the Moody Blues for healing.

    Thank you for writing this book. I enjoyed the read and respect your research.

  7. Dear Charles and Barbara:
    I bought your book and just finished reading it, and of course I agree that the Moodies had/have something unique and special that most other pop music groups don’t have. Not sure I’d agree that the Moodies’ songs can help you lead a better life, or that they have innate healing properties — except in the most abstract sense. But I’d agree that any person’s favorite music has healing, restorative properties — and I’d agree the Moodies’ optimism and uplifting outlook are definitely among the things that made them special.
    As a longtime fan, I think you might have been just a touch underappreciative of some of their later work — I think LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER and THE PRESENT are both quite solid, PRESENT especially showing the Moodies dealing with growing older in a graceful, stylish, haunting, still-rockin’ way. The songs are still just as strong if not quite as “cosmic.” I’d agree some of the later albums are weaker, but I especially recommend “Blue World,” “Meet Me Halfway,” “Sorry,” “Running Water” and “It’s Cold Outside of Your Heart” on PRESENT, and “In My World,” “Meanwhile,” “Nervous” and “Veteran Cosmic Rocker” on VOYAGER. I think they hold their own with the “Core 7” work.
    Course I have no arguments with you about OCTAVE, OTHER SIDE OF LIFE, SUR LA MER and STRANGE TIMES, and if there was a great song on KEYS OF THE KINGDOM I was never able to find it.
    …Have you heard Hayward and Lodge’s great BLUE JAYS album? Maybe we’d better start calling it the “Core 8”!
    The thing I liked best about your book was that you invited opinions from readers. That along with your openness and positiveness makes for a great combination. I hope you keep the discussion going….
    Heard DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED at about age 8, then forgot about the Moodies ’til I heard “Ride My See-Saw” pouring out of a radio at age 12, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Would you agree it’s well past time for a detailed book-length history on these guys?

  8. To be honest, my experiences with the Moody’s have been a continuous journey of self identity and a gift of a better way to live moment to moment. When words and lyrics can transfer your earth bound body to a higher state of consciousness, you have to realize that the greatest poets that have ever been, have not had the gifts of the Moody Blues collectively. I consider their synergy blessed by God and lots of hard work and transitions.

  9. The Moody Blues Cruise 2013 was an amazing success and one of the highlights that I will always remember. There were two very important pieces missing: Mike and Ray. From what I understand there may be another next year. Hopefully a bigger boat and a bit longer. Wouldn’t it be incredible if the boys would get back together.

    • It would be great to see the entire band together again.
      They don’t strike me as the kind of guys that would have really bad blood that would keep them from getting together for a week (unlike Pink Floyd).
      But Mike would have to book a separate room and crew for his big ole heavy Mellotron!
      What part of this year’s cruise did you like the best and which did you like the least?

      • I would love to see Mike and his Mellotron or even the Chamberlain since I never had a chance. I think they could find room.

        To consider this cruise took on a life of its own and surprised the cruise line’s ticket agents with the incredible interest I think they did an amazing job. The best parts were getting to see the Moodies show on my birthday, March 20th. Can’t beat that. I loved Asia and John Payne, Greg Lake and the Zombies the best but they were all great. If there comes a next time a bigger boat and a longer cruise as I missed too many shows because of scheduling conflicts.

        If they do it again don’t hesitate and get in early.

        (I was standing at an elevator and this cute little girl about 9 or 10 was standing there so I asked her if she liked the Moody Blues. She crinkled her nose so I asked if her parents brought her and she said no, her grand parents…ouch, that really hurt 🙂 )

  10. Has anyone else ever noticed that Days of Future Passed can be about not only one day in a mans life, it can also be about an entire lifetime as it passes from conception to childhood. Then on to youth, midlife working years, retirement, old age, and finely death.
    I wonder if the Moodys ever thought of it this way? So much wisdom!

    • I am 64 and have followed The Moody Blues since ‘Go Now’ so I can’t wait to get the book !

      One further thought though: I agree that ‘thinking is the best way to travel’ so I hope the band can think about reducing their collective carbon footprint as a contribution to reducing global warming – and what about a fundraiser for Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace ?

      Ken Mullen

  11. Hi, I have a question. I’m writing a fictional script book with The Moody Blues’ song titles in some parts of the story. I was told that I’m allowed to use an artist’s name, buy not a trademark name. Is the band name ‘The Moody Blues’ a trademark name?

  12. First of all my congratulations to Charles and Barbara Whitfield for a wonderful book which gives such understanding and insight to the Moody Blues influence on the music of our time.I have been an avid follower of the Moodies since the days of Go Now when I was 15 years old and I will be 65 in December.Last month I travelled from my home town, Gibraltar, a British territory at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula, to London, to see them perform at the O2 Arena.What a great night. As regards their music I think will all agree that the core 7 albums were groundbreaking and innovative and the basis for their huge following which still persists today. However, in their other albums I have always heard something in the lyrics or melodies that has enabled me to enjoy them almost as much. I think that, for example, Long Distance Voyager and Sur La Mer were very good and contained some superb tracks. In other albums there was always something memorable. I find that as I have grown older I have paid more attention to some tracks that, to some extend, I had ignored previously. Perhaps this is because some of them are more romantic and mellow which, of course, may go hand in hand with ageing. A few that come to mind are, It’s Cold Outside Of Your Heart, I Just Don’t Care, Running Water, Bless The Wings, Hope And Pray and Don’t Blame The Rainbows. Going back to the book, and specifically to the chapter that dealt with transformative experiences. In 1990, my wife, a beautiful woman of only 39, sadly passed away and I was left with two young sons to bring up.Needless to say the rest of my family rallied round to provide assistance but on many occasions when I was troubled and feeling very much alone I can certainly say that the music of the Moodies has been a great source of comfort and remains so today. Something to which I have constantly turned to reinforce my strength and will to carry on. For this I will be forever grateful tu them

  13. I loved your book that I just finished reading and it made me think back to when I was in high school (67-71) and how I felt and thought when I listened to the Moodies. I could never quite put my finger on why their music affected me so, but reading the book gave me many insights and answers. The only thing that I wish you had included was on the music they created during their “hiatus” especially deserving is the Blue Jays album which is close to the “8th core” album.

  14. One surprise omission from ‘Timeless Troubadours’, for me at least, was any analysis of the 1970 song ‘Question’:

    ‘Why do we never get an answer
    When we’re knocking at the door
    Because the truth is hard to swallow
    That’s what the war of love is for’

    The printed lyrics supplied with the 1970 LP state ‘….WAR of love….’ but some people tell me the words are ‘….WALL of love….’
    Which is correct ?
    ‘WAR of love’ sounds like an oxymoron but could denote the struggles we often go through before we grasp the true (‘hard to swallow’ ?) meaning of love:

    ‘….when you stop and think about it
    You won’t believe it’s true
    That all the love you’ve been giving
    Has all be meant for you ….’

    Any comments ?

  15. I think the Moody Blues are the best medicine. Their music is so calming. When I put on my headphones and listen to ISOTLC I go to another world. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up when their music was new. I did introduce them to my parents though 🙂 Glad to see others look at their music the same way I do.

  16. Charles and Barbara,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book and its meaningful descriptions of so many of the Moody Blues’ messages. While I know I always enjoyed the Moody Blues’ songs, I don’t think I fully appreciated why until reading through the book. Thank you for your insights.

    One update I would like to offer pertains to Table 17.4, the “More Detailed Performers Listed by Years.” The last entry covers 2009 to the present and mentions very briefly that Alan Hewitt is on keyboards “at times late 2012.” Alan actually started touring with the Moody Blues in June 2010 and has played with them on each tour since then, including Justin’s solo tour this past August. Alan is an accomplished jazz pianist, author, composer,and producer and, in keeping with the Moody Blues themselves, a very spiritual person.

    While not covered in the book, two of Justin’s compositions were some of the Moody Blues’ biggest hits: “In Your Wildest Dreams” and “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” (a sequel to the former). The authors have frequently mentioned listeners may have their own different meanings for songs and those two are perfect examples in my case. I had a chance to speak with Justin about these two songs in particular and he related they are about love lost and never reconnected. However, those two songs were especially meaningful to me as I did have a first love that was reconnected after a 42-year absence and the words in the song can apply very well to a situation in which love was found again with a lost lover.

    Interestingly, Justin took out a number of lyrics from “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” for the Moody Blues’ tours as the song was considered too long (just over 6 minutes on the album/CD). I’m pleased to see that their most recent tour (I saw them October 30 in San Diego) has restored the lyrics that were most meaningful to me, though other lyrics were still taken out.

    Thanks again for your fine efforts in assisting others in appreciating the overall body of work of the Moody Blues.

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